NZXT H510 Flow Case Review (2024)

NZXT has made a name for themselves with their iconic design, great value, and overall ideal PC builder setups. Their H510 has stood as a solid option for new and experienced PC builders, offering a solid middle ground with plenty of features while still hitting a fantastic price point. Now NZXT are back and offering a new iteration of the classic H500 series case, the new H510 Flow. Delivering new levels of airflow and some smart choices that are ideal for performance and style, the H510 Flow is an amazing mid-tower offering for experienced and new builders alike.

At first glance, the H510 Flow looks very similar to the H510. It features the same basic features, the same look, and all the bells and whistles we have come to expect from NZXT, including the cable management bar. What makes the new H510 different is the increased airflow it offers thanks to the new full front mesh that, when paired with a good thermal solution, delivers staggering results.

You would be forgiven to think the choices for coolers are limited in the H510 Flow case, simply due to the size, but in our test build, we had no issues placing a full Kraken Z63 RGB. The removable radiator bracket made installing the cooler simple, even if the space can be at a premium in a mid-tower case. NZXT has made some great choices over the years with how things are built, with cut-outs and cable slots that work with a great number of solutions, so provided you measure first, this is a case filled with potential.

The case is tailor-made for dual 120mm fans, so in our test build the Kraken Z63 RGB worked perfectly. The front full mesh allows the fans to run without being stopped by the limited airflow many cases suffer from, especially in the front. Even looking at its older brother, the H510, the difference in air throughput is noticeable. While the past H510 offered plenty of air for most builders, using slots on the sides and bottom front, the full area just increases the potential for a chilled CPU and GPU, especially on builds that you want to push to their full potential.

Thankfully, the H510 Flow is not only about performance. It also features all the ports and connections we know and love with NZXT. The front IO offers up a USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port, a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port, and a headset jack, all next to the simple, and elegant power button on the top front of the case. The case supports Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX, but be careful to check size before purchasing because some irregular sized boards and options may make building very tight.

“The H510 Flow is not only about performance. It also features all ports and connections we know and love with NZXT. “

The case offers a max CPU cooler clearance of 165mm, max GPU clearance of 360mm, with cable management offering 12-23mm. While it can be tight at times, provided you don’t go overboard, you should have no problem slotting in a great PC, and have it look clean and sleek when all is said and done. The easy access glass side panel looks good and is great to show off the internals, with the left side panel working to hide the mess of cables should things get a little out of hand (although the cable channels make this less of an issue).

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It also features enough space for builders that still rely on standard hard drives, with space for 2.5” and 3.5” drives, and offers plenty of space for fans with the dual 120mm/140mm fan space at the front of the case. It also supports a 120mm/140mm top fan, and a single 120mm rear fan (pre-installed).

For our test build, we opted for a Ryzen 3900X, with a Gigabyte Aorus X570 board, and a Nvidia GTX 2080 Super for the GPU. We benchmarked with the Kraken Z63 RGB, to give the build a full test and ensure it would take anything we threw at it. While the setup was a bit tight, with the parts JUST fitting, once everything was together, we could quickly see how NZXT had a winner with this case.

“The H510 Flow is a fantastic case that balances value and performance to make it an easy recommendation.”

From our testing, the Ryzen 3900X stayed very cool even under heavy loads. With a base temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, with it never going past 38.5 even when gaming. When all things were said and done, this is noticeably cooler than the same build in all metal, with it seeing a low of 28 and high of 42.7 with all the same components. For someone looking to push their system to the limits, these are some fantastic numbers that give plenty of room to overclock or just push the system when needed.

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While I love a case with space, NZXT has convinced me of what can be achieved with a small footprint. The H510 Flow is a fantastic case that balances value and performance to make it an easy recommendation. For builders that want endless space to expand, there are plenty of options on the market. For people that want to maximize their build, forcing all the power possible in a small form factor, it is hard to beat the H510, especially if performance is on your mind.

NZXT H510 Flow Case Review (2024)


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