Sophia Pierson- Early Life, Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth | TV Show Stars (2024)

Sophia Pierson is an avid dancer who blew away the entertainment world with her beauty, precision, and sizzling figure. Aside from her charismatic personality, her icy blue eyes stirred countless feels in us. Not only in the modeling career, but this lady is setting the stage on fire in the acting world as well.

Some of her recent hits are WAGS, Relatively Nat and Liv, and many more. This aspiring talent is still in her early days for the amount of success. So allow us to grab this opportunity from the scruff of the neck.

Sophia Pierson- Early Life, Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth | TV Show Stars (1)

Sit back and enjoy some quick facts but being into the main details that include her income, career, personal life, and so on.

Sophia Pierson: Quick Facts

Full NameSophia Pierson
Date of Birth1991 /06 /19
Marital StatusSingle
ProfessionActress, Model
Active Year2014-present
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlonde
Net Worth$1 million
SpouseDenzel Slager
Online PresenceInstagram, Twitter

Wiki-Bio- What Is Sophia Pierson Nationality?

On 19th June 1991, a star took birth in Langley, Canada, namely Sophia Pierson. Julia and Brian Pierson are the names of her parents. But any additional information on their whereabouts is kept hidden.

Likewise, she had a decent childhood with all of her family members. Brian has four siblings, namely Brock, Owen, Preston, and Olivia. Her sister Olivia is a model just like her and is well-known on Instagram and other social media handles.

Sophia Pierson- Early Life, Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth | TV Show Stars (2)

This beautiful model belongs to the white ethnicity and holds Canadian nationality.

Age and Body Measurements- How Old Is Sophia Pierson?

Sophia Pierson was born in 1991, which makes her 28 years old as of now. This gorgeous model stands at the height of 5’10,” which is equivalent to 178 cm, and her weight is 56 kgs. Alas, we don’t have any information about her vital body statistics.

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Despite the lack of information, there is denying that her figure is just jaw-dropping, with curves. Sophia probably maintains her glam physique with healthy diets and workout regimes.

Also, her eye color is blue, and she has a blonde hair color.

Early life and Education

Sophia was born in Canada and spent most of her childhood there with her siblings and parents. She owned a pretty ordinary childhood with interest in modeling from early school days.

As per her educational background, this model attended the British Columbia Institute of Technology with a major in Business Management.

Sophia Pierson Career

Sophia is a newbie in the industry, according to her success ratio. This actress career started in May 2009 when she first opened her Twitter.

Sophia’s Instagram and Twitter accounts created a buzz in the market. After the successful creation of social media sites, the young model also started to post pictures that highlighted her beautiful curvaceous body to earn many fans.

Sophia Pierson- Early Life, Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth | TV Show Stars (3)

Not only on Twitter and Instagram, but this artist frequently keeps posting videos about her health and fitness, beauty tips, etc. All of her fan following in highly due to aid from social media platforms.

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For her acting career, though, Pierson featured in WAGS from season 2 and did a great job there. Beyond her acting career, she is an experienced model who generally goes ramp walk.

Personal Life- Is Sophia Pierson Single?

After the viral sensation created by Sophia with her alluring pictures on social media, people began to seek more about her information. Many of her fans dug the information on personal life too, and of course, her dating life caught the most attention.

Moreover, Sophia Pierson was in a romantic relationship with Denzel Slager in 2016. For all the people who don’t know, he is a footballer who last played for the LA Galaxy II in the United Soccer League. Both of them met each other on an LA’s game Denzel started to like her.

Sophia Pierson- Early Life, Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth | TV Show Stars (4)

Soon after their regular meets, it turned out to be a good relationship. They decided to take their monthly meetings to another level and got engaged.

However, after some time, their engagement didn’t work irreconcilable reasoning differences. The reason is not known for the public to know. Sophia is currently single, and there were no relationship assumptions.

We believe that she is disguised to have a boyfriend and also enjoys a good time. Well, if some news comes to the market sooner or later, we will keep you updated about it.

Sophia Pierson Net Worth and Income

Pierson’s net worth is $1 million. She is a multi-talented lady who does acting and also modeling. This net worth is a result of her hard work in the field of acting and modeling.

Her annual salary is $150-$500 thousand. She is a well-known model, so it also aids her in handsome paychecks. There is no information about her endorsem*nts or advertisem*nt list. Being a model, she surely does perform the promotions.

Sophia Pierson- Early Life, Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth | TV Show Stars (5)

She is seen flaunting her assets on social media platforms. Her diamond ring post recently created a buzz as if she was about to marry pretty soon.

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Sad to say, there is no information about her cars or the mansion she owns. Her social media post suggests that she is living a lifestyle with her partner and family members.

Social Media Presence

Instagram567k followers

Twitter18.2k followers

Sophia Pierson- Early Life, Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth | TV Show Stars (2024)


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