Spartanburg Events - Visit Spartanburg (2024)

Spartanburg Events - Visit Spartanburg (1)

Spartanburg is home to a variety of festivals and events. Depending on when you visit, you may catch our streets and parks filled with even more life and activities than normal. Not here on a festival weekend? Meet us in Morgan Square for seasonal open-air dining, live music and more.




    Participating museums and galleries are open from 5 – 8pm. Light refreshments are usually served.


    The small business-focused market will be a recurring event on Mill Street in Inman throughout the spring. Local vendors will be set up and children’s activities will be open.


    Downtown Spartanburg’s longtime music series returns to Morgan Square starting in April. Music on Main happens every Thursday from 5:30-8:30 PM through July.


    This new Downtown Spartanburg music series will feature music from the last five decades in a wide range of genres on Morgan Square from 5:30-8:30 PM every Friday in April & May.


    New to growing Downtown Woodruff, Thursdays on the Block will feature live musical performances, showcase local businesses and restaurants and have family-friendly activities lining Main Street.

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    This three-day extravaganza features multiple stages, marketplaces, food, rides, and other family-friendly entertainment. There’s even a professional criterium bike race tearing through the heart of downtown.

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    Bring your biggest appetite for this delightfully delicious barbecue festival full of food, drinks, and live music.

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    Join kite enthusiasts, young and old, at this annual festival featuring local food trucks, a makers market and live music.

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    Enjoy all the BBQ, brisket and classic summer treats you can eat, then relax on the lawn for live music.

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    Barnet Park is the place to be for 4th of July festivities. Indulge in burgers & hot dogs, sing along to live music, and revel in the spectacular fireworks show.

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    This eclectic event offers all-day fun with stages for live music, artist demonstrations, and an “Instrument Petting Zoo.”

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    Explore world cultures through food, music, dance, folk art, hands-on activities and an incredibly diverse Parade of Nations.

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    Celebrate the LGBTQ+ community with a vibrant festival and march during Upstate Pride Week.

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    Taste dozens of brews from across the Carolinas, and meet the brewers behind the beer.

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    Get into the spirit with carolers dressed in Victorian garb, festive Christmas music, living window displays & horse-drawn carriage rides.


    Hidden Gems in Spartanburg

    Spartanburg’s dining culture roots run deep. From the early days of Colonials using the area for hunting and crops, to textile mill employees eating at delicatessens across the county, to that slice of Americana of enj...

    Where to Be in 2024

    Spartanburg hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year, with the action really kicking up a notch as spring sweeps across the area.Keep up with the entirety of our community’s Events Calendar and keep reading...

    Discover Spartanburg’s Historic Sites

    By Florence Cope, special to OneSpartanburg, Inc.Spartanburg is chock full of history dating back to the country’s founding. From Revolutionary War battles and American icons to being the epicenter of the textile i...

    Inside Spartanburg’s Craft Beer Scene

    Beer drinkers across Spartanburg County have never had it better. Spartanburg’s first craft brewery, RJ Rockers, has been churning out locally-made brews since 1997 and put Spartanburg on the craft beer world’s map ...

    Pet-Friendly Spots Around Spartanburg County

    Now more than ever, pets are part of our families. We go on walks together, we play together, we take selfies together, we call them our "furbabies," and we even share our beds with them

    A Couples’ Itinerary: Spend a Romantic Weekend in Spartanburg

    Remind your partner of just how much you cherish them and how important your beautiful relationship is by planning a romantic getaway to Spartanburg—South Carolina’s best kept secret

    What to Do Inside When It’s Cold Outside

    South Carolina is known for its hot and humid summers, but winter and cold temperatures do find their way to the Palmetto state.In Spartanburg, the cold weather can be combatted with layers, heaters, dinners and drin...

    Your Guide to Spartanburg’s 2023 Holiday Events

    Whether you get festive right after Halloween or wait until the calendar turns to December, November means holiday events are drawing near. Check out this guide to Spartanburg County's 2023 holiday events where you can e...

    The Buzz in Spartanburg: Coffee Culture

    Whether you need a cup in the morning to get yourself moving, or you're looking for an iced version of a classic to get you through the afternoon, Spartanburg's coffee options have something for everyone.If you'r...

    Spartanburg’s Autumn Events Calendar Fills Up

    September means the start of temperatures getting more comfortable as the heat and humidity of August fade away.In Spartanburg, it also means the start of a busy autumn events season, featuring a little something for...

    Spartanburg County’s Must-Visit Ice Creameries

    This content originally appeared on InTheBurg.We don’t need a reason to enjoy a delicious ice cream sundae, but if you’re looking for an excuse, here’s a great one:July is National Ice Cream Month, and Nation...

    Take a Family-Friendly Trip to Spartanburg

    While you may know that the Spartanburg area has plenty of places to grab a handcrafted drink, the BMW Performance Center, and more for adults to enjoy, we’ve also got wholesome fun for the whole family

    Where to Experience Live Music in Spartanburg

    Music seems to be one of the most powerful forces in our day to day lives—it can make us feel happy, sad, empowered, or even help convey difficult-to-explain emotions to another person. And when we experience music ...

    Spartanburg’s Best Places to Enjoy the Outdoors

    It's easy to hit the trails in the Hub City.Leave job stress and that pile of laundry behind and head to Spartanburg for some refreshing outdoor fun.Opportunities for adventure abound, whether you prefer to be on...

    Spartanburg’s Mocktails and Nonalcoholic Options

    Note: this content originally appeared in InTheBurg.Beyond “Dry January” and “Sober October,” increasing amounts of people are opting for non-alcoholic brews and booze-free beverages in the Upstate, particula...

    New to the Spartanburg County Dining Scene

    The dining scene of Spartanburg County is impressive. A diverse array of down-home favorites is joined by incredible international flavors and upscale, refined options that offer modern, photo-worthy dishes.Downtown...

    Up Close with Spartanburg’s Fall Foliage

    As cool, crisp autumn air descends across the region, there isn’t a better time to explore Spartanburg County’s outdoor amenities.Vibrant green has started its slow, annual transition to fiery shades of red, oran...

    A Day with Your Dog in Spartanburg

    As summer winds down and the temperatures begin to fall, it gets easier for you and your four-legged friend to leave the much-needed A/C behind and explore together.Spartanburg County is home to many pet-friendly bus...

    Music in Spartanburg: the Iconic Sounds of Our Past & Present

    When we say Spartanburg is an arts town, we don't just mean that we have lots of public art scattered about and studios for you to peruse. Sure, we have those, but when we say we're an arts town, we mean that creative mu...

    Your Evening Out in Landrum

    Bursting with charm, Landrum is well-known for its antique shopping, but hidden treasures aren’t where this pleasant town’s offerings end. New restaurants and businesses have reenergized Landrum and best of all...

    Spartanburg’s Spring 2022 Events

    Springtime brings longer days, warmer air and people looking for excuses to get outside and celebrate. In Spartanburg, those factors all converge in a continually-expanding spring events calendar, featuring celebrations...

    Spartanburg’s Top Things to Do in 2022

    Get Your Steps (or Pedaling) in on The DanAs 2022 gets underway, work is ongoing around Spartanburg to bring together 50-plus miles of new and existing trails as The Daniel Morgan Trail System, or The Dan...

    Spartanburg County Gift Guide

    Spartanburg knows good food, great times and authentic experiences.Whether you're planning a visit or making your holiday season gift-giving list (and checking it twice), we've got the gifts that will help you give a...

    Spartanburg: A Passion for Peaches

    “If I had my little way, I’d eat peaches every day.”When you visit Spartanburg, you can really bring that song lyric to life.Spartanburg County has a passion for peaches, dating back a couple hundred years...

    Spartanburg’s Baseball Past, Present and Future

    Luckily, you don’t have to be a college athlete, or a college student for that matter, to get out and play sports in Spartanburg County

    What’s New: 2021 Carolina Panthers Training Camp Fan Guide

    Panthers fans… Spartanburg has gotten more exciting since the last time we welcomed you for the team’s training camp at Wofford College. We’ve added new restaurants, attractions and ways to adventure. And they all...

    Your Day In Woodruff

    If you’re in Spartanburg County, venture a bit outside the city and explore Woodruff – one of the small, surrounding towns bursting with charm.Not sure where to start planning a day in Woodruff? We’ve got you c...

    10 Reasons to Meet in Spartanburg

    If you’re Zoomed out, Spartanburg’s event and meeting venues have the flexibility, affordability and dependability you need to host a successful, COVID-safe event. If you have an event or meeting on the horizon, help...

    Get a Good Look: Spartanburg’s Art Galleries

    Spartanburg is full of art.There’s public art nearly everywhere downtown, with popular murals, the eye-catching Creative Crosswalks, sculptures and much more. There’s also a great selection of art galleries, prou...

    Unique Stays in Spartanburg

    Staying at a luxurious hotel with all of the amenities is great, but sometimes you want something that has a little more personality. If you want your trip to be even more memorable, then spend your nights at one of thes...

    Feel the Need for Speed in Spartanburg

    Between BMW Manufacturing Co., family-friendly businesses, and the county’s deep and historical ties to stock car racing, Spartanburg is no stranger to automotive enthusiasm and racing passion.Spartanburg...

    History Itinerary

    Soak up local history at the Spartanburg Historical Association before heading to the Hub City Railroad Museum to see how the Hub City got its nickname. Stay downtown and take the Historic Downtown Walking Tour to get a ...

    Agritourism Itinerary

    Get your fill of fresh, homegrown fruits and veggies by checking out one of several farmstands across Spartanburg County

    Welcome to College Town

    There’s a reason Spartanburg is known as a College Town. With more than 15,000 college students countywide, Spartanburg County is home to seven unique colleges and universities, each equipping their respective students...


    There's Only #OneSpartanburg

    We think Spartanburg is pretty great, but don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself what people love about our charming county.

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    Spartanburg Events - Visit Spartanburg (2024)


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