What is special about Samsung S21 Ultra? (2024)

What is special about Samsung S21 Ultra?

The S21 Ultra offers smart battery management features that can help extend your device's battery life. You can access these options by going to Settings > Battery & device care > Battery > Background usage limits. Here you can prevent apps from running in the background and save valuable battery power.

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What cool things can my S21 Ultra do?

The S21 Ultra offers smart battery management features that can help extend your device's battery life. You can access these options by going to Settings > Battery & device care > Battery > Background usage limits. Here you can prevent apps from running in the background and save valuable battery power.

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What are the special features of the Samsung S21?

Ultra High Resolution

Galaxy S21 Ultra's powerful high-resolution camera can crop clearer images with the new 108MP sensor. Using Advanced Remosaic processing, the new 108MP sensor of the Galaxy S21 Ultra provides images with more clarity and higher colour fidelity.

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What is good about Samsung S21?


"Excellent Camera capabilities, strong performance, and suitable for all tasks."

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What is the disadvantage of S21 Ultra?

Cons. Somewhat bulky and slippery. The image processing needs further refinements. We don't miss the microSD slot, but some of you might.

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What should I upgrade from S21 Ultra?

But the Galaxy S21 Ultra is still recent, and you're better off waiting to see what the Galaxy S24 Ultra has to offer. For Galaxy S20 Ultra owners: Upgrading to the S23 Ultra will deliver noticeable improvements, especially if you purchased the Galaxy S20 Ultra at launch.

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Is S21 Ultra waterproof?

IP68 Water and Dust Resistance Rating: The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has an IP68 rating against dust and water, making it a truly waterproof device. The IP68 rating means that the smartphone can withstand immersion in water up to 1.5 meters deep for up to 30 minutes without suffering damage.

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What Galaxy S21 is best?

If you're seeking the most powerful phone, opt for either the Galaxy S21 FE 5G or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - they both have the fastest processor ever seen in a Samsung phone! If you are looking for the phone with the most immersive display the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the biggest at an impressive 6.8”*.

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Why is Samsung S21 so expensive?

Things are different this year with the Exynos 2100. The latest flagship processor from Samsung has an integrated 5G modem, which means 5G isn't an option anymore, it's mandatory. And as we know, 5G comes at a price. This is the primary reason why the S21 series in India is more expensive than the S20 series.

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Is Galaxy S21 worth buying in 2023?

Is the S21 worth buying in 2023? So, is the Galaxy S21 worth buying in 2023? Absolutely! The Samsung Galaxy S21 proves its worth in 2023 with its impressive display, powerful performance, capable camera system, reliable battery life, and excellent value for money.

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Why are Samsung S21 so cheap?

But here we are — the S21 phones are cheaper, and it's not because they're worse in some way or have fewer features. There's no catch here. The lower costs are due to the natural maturity of 5G technology over time, Samsung told Insider.

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Is the S21 waterproof?

The S21 has a water-resistance rating of IP68, which means your phone can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 metres. Also, it is resistant to dust, dirt and if water droplets land on the screen.

What is special about Samsung S21 Ultra? (2024)
Is Samsung S21 the best Android phone?

Note that this phone received our Editor's Choice award and was selected by our readers as the best phone of 2021. If you want the most powerful phone in Samsung's Galaxy S21 series, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is for you.

Why did Samsung stop S21 Ultra?

Galaxy S21 Ultra goes out, makes space for S22 Ultra

A previous leak suggested that Samsung could be mostly relying on its Exynos 2200 chip, which has a new GPU that is based on the AMD RDNA 2 architecture. Leaked website data suggests that the cameras could not be much different from the S21 Ultra.

How long does S21 Ultra battery last?

We perform activities such as web browsing, social networking, video streaming, gaming, and productivity tasks to simulate a user's typical day. The results were impressive: the S21 Ultra easily withstood a whole day of heavy use.

How much is the S21 Ultra now?

Current Prices for Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
#CarrierAvg Price
6 more rows

Which one is better S21 5g or S21 Ultra?

The S21 Ultra definitely comes out ahead when it comes to storage as it offers up to 512 GB and options for 12 GB or 16GB of RAM. The S21 on the other hand only offers up to 256 GB of storage and only has one RAM option for 8 GB.

Is Samsung S21 Ultra camera good?

Thanks to its large sensor, the main camera is clearly the best of the four, with its 12MP files showing good detail across almost the entire frame. The wideangle camera isn't quite as good, with a more processed look to its images and some colour fringing at the corners.

Is S23 Ultra better than S21?

The S23 Ultra also has a built-in S-Pen slot. The Galaxy S23 Ultra offers significant upgrades over the S21 Ultra, including a faster chipset, improved camera setup, satellite connectivity, and two additional years of software updates.

Can S21 Ultra take pictures underwater?

That's why the smartphone is encased by a protective layer. That could, in theory, affect the quality of images because it adds an extra layer for light to refract through. That doesn't seem to have bothered the Galaxy S21 Ultra a whole lot, as it still managed to capture some stunning images of the ocean.

Can I take my S21 Ultra in the shower?

Yes, Because Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is waterproof. With an IP68 rating, you are basically covered for immersion in water that is around 1.5 meters deep, and for about 30 minutes, at least that's what Samsung has claimed about the new S21 series.

Does S21 ultra overheat?

Obviously, if you have 5-6 applications running in the background all the time, your phone will most likely overheat with time due to processor and RAM usage. That is why so many users have recently reported Samsung S21 Ultra heating issues.

What does ultra mean in Samsung?

Ultra means the best of the best in performance. To take everyday experiences further, we redefine the essentials. The upcoming Galaxy is all about camera, performance and sustainability. That's why our pro-grade camera system is getting smarter. Our performance is getting more powerful.

How old is S21 Ultra?

S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra

The lineup of the first three devices was unveiled at Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event on 14 January 2021. The three devices served as the successors of the 2020 models.

How many years will the S21 Ultra be supported?

Samsung Galaxy S-series

The Galaxy S21, S22, and S23 series are all eligible for four years of Android updates from Samsung.

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